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  So, wouldn t it be great to find anniversary gifts that your wine loving couple would really enjoy, whilst learning something new to boot?

  For many of us with sleep problems the nights seem long and the days a time of irritability and tiredness. Dairy products contain the magic tryptophan but also have the calcium and low glycemic value.

  The sleep inducing serotonin and melatonin are triggered in the body by the amino acid tryptophan, and serotonin is a neurotransmitter that slows down brain activity, like slowing down the electricity to the brain. The oatmeal cookie triggers insulin but has some other good side effects.Then there is the notion that eating turkey can, in some way, put us to sleep. The third of these, the food and drink we consume before we go to bed, can have a major effect on the quality of rest we get.

  These are my five favorite snacks, and although I am not a doctor or trained nutritionist, I think they fit the sleep inducing foods bill without causing other bad side effects, besides which I really like them! Yes I did leave out turkey because how often do I have turkey around to use as a late night snack!

  Remember also that light meals are preferred over heavy and to avoid, the spicy, the fatty, the caffeine and the alcohol.

  There are many ways to support the mind in getting the sleep we need. A vineyard tour for two people is another lovely anniversary gift for your wine tipplers to enjoy together, offering them the chance to sample some wines, learn how local grapes are grown, harvesting methods used and the way that selection of the best grapes is made. In that case, another thoughtful wine related anniversary gift that is guaranteed to please is a personalised bottle of champagne, with special label bearing a beautiful and personal message from tilting pad radial bearing manufacturers you to the happy couple. They will find out exactly how local wines are produced, and just how much skill and preparation, time and energy goes into making the bottle of wine that is so easily taken for granted. There are bound to be some good wines for your enjoyment, and that way, you too can benefit from their anniversary gift

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